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Created:Friday, January 5, 2018
Members: Friday, January 5, 2018 at 15:47 eastern (379 days ago)
Public: Friday, January 5, 2018 at 16:00 eastern
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Countries:available in USA
Details:Sprint Free Tablet Bait & Switch:
We took advantage of Sprint Unlimited FREE for 1 year by transferring to Sprint. The free talk, text, and data has been great, but also opened us to receiving "free tablet" spam/offers from Sprint.

A free tablet sounds real nice, but our Sprint customer service reps seemed unusually pushy with the "free tablet offer," a red flag to us. Turned out Sprint's customer service forum has complaints from people feeling bait-and-switched with unexpected service fees incurred after accepting the "free" tablet.

So if Sprint offers a "free" tablet, run a Google search before giving in to pushy sales reps.

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